Because you build & build & in the end everything seems worthy.

I don’t know where I draw the line - We keep going. 

We move forward, we step up | we step back. 

We watch as these “shores” take over our world. 

We swim or drown.

We take a hit - step up or sit and fall behind.

We don’t have room to fail - I know that I have to make the best of it all. 

Signing off, not settling. I don’t think I can take much more of this without it being completely free of what it means to be “complete.”

Feeling that these moments are just that. 

Build thick skin - Take it - Build, grow, evolve. Take it. 

I know my worth and I know what it feels like to get burned.

It’s a give and take situation.

I’m here but a persons worth is only valued when fully cherished.


These choice are free to be. I’m 26 years young and I don’t want to allow people to ever get the best of me.

That was then | this is now.

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  • 1 year ago